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When it comes to successful retirement plan administration, it is imperative that we work together to create and implement the best plan for your business. Therefore, it is helpful to outline Five Star’s responsibilities as plan administrators in making this venture successful. Below we have outlined some of our primary responsibilities.

Five Star Retirement Professionals, LLC agrees to:

Design a plan of benefits and a document outlining that plan for submission to the IRS or to the client upon their request

Document any amendments to said plan or provide a restatement of the agreement when required by the IRS

1425 Prince Street
Houston, TX 77008
P: (713) 572-6630
F: 713-572-8097

Determine each employee’s eligibility, benefits, contribution shares and vested percentage

Prepare annual reports, account balances and governmental forms relating to the chosen plan

Determine any benefits due to an employee who has been terminated or otherwise withdraws from the plan

As always, it is our goal to make the retirement planning process as simple and convenient as possible for each of our clients. Our knowledgeable staff is proficient in the design, drafting and reporting of all aspects of your business' retirement plan administration.


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